Peril in Pleasure

As a Nature Reserve, Mapawa provides relaxation that will soothe and mend even the deepest cuts in our soul but the question is “Are we doing the same thing to the forest?”.

Humans are known to leave a trail of destruction in our wake. Sometimes we destroy the things that provide comfort to us in times of anguish. We are selfish, we just do things what we think is right for us without considering some factors.

Mapawa, given that it’s in a highly developed urban area, is not safe from anthropogenic threats. Overcrowding is one of the worst threats, it induces stress to the environment. The popularity of Mapawa might be a growing concern and since it’s very affordable also, there is a high possibility that it can attract many people. As the saying goes “The more the merrier” but not all the time because Mapawa is a sanctuary for wildlife and wild animals are not used to people. Yes, the money that they’ll receive from the fees might help in the development and propagation of the place but we need to put into consideration that most of the people are not familiar with the “do’s and don’ts” in the forest. In order to solve this issue without losing pennies in the pocket, there should be a short seminar about how to be a responsible person and that Mapawa’s main goal is to conserve its inhabitants.


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